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N Scale - Micro Engineering

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10-122Code 70 Unweathered 36" Flex-Trak (Single pieces)2$5.24$4.19 +Add
11-110Code 70 Bridge Flex-Trak (One 36" pc w/Wide Ties and Guard Rail)4$10.50$8.40 +Add
12-122Code 70 Weathered 36" Flex-Trak (6 pcs/pkg)6$32.90$26.30 +Add
12-124Code 55 Unweathered 36" Flex-Trak (6 pcs/pkg)1$29.55$23.65 +Add
55-001Murphy Manufacturing2$16.80$13.45 +Add
75-518Tall Steel Viaduct, Standard Bridge (200')2$35.15$28.10 +Add
80-140Stacked Tires (7 pcs)2$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-141Gas Pumps (2/Pkg)1$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-142Acetylene Cart (2/Pkg)2$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-145Old Fence (2/Pkg)3$3.95$3.15 +Add
80-146Oil Drums (7 pcs, 16 drums)2$3.95$3.15 +Add
80-147V-8 Engines (4/Pkg)1$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-148Acetylene Tanks (7 pcs, 21 Tanks)1$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-152Telephone Boxes (2/Pkg)6$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-153Relay Boxes (2/Pkg)4$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-154Push Carts (2/Pkg)2$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-155Coal Boxes (2/Pkg)3$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-156Oil Drum Platform (2/Pkg)3$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-157Mine Car (2/Pkg)1$3.50$2.80 +Add
80-17140' Plate Girder (4/Pkg)4$5.45$4.35 +Add
80-176Tall Steel Viaduct Tower3$10.95$8.75 +Add
80-302Switchstand, Non-Operating (2/Pkg)1$2.60$2.00 +Add