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HO Scale - Central Valley

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1001Stock Car Kit
Northern Pacific prototype
7$14.25$11.40 +Add
1602Steps and Ladders (4 Sprues/Pack)1$6.88$5.50 +Add
1902-5Bridge Box Girders (5/Pack)16$14.25$11.50 +Add
190372' Plate Girder Bridge (Single Track)8$16.45$13.00 +Add
1904 72' Plate Girder Bridge (Double Track)11$24.15$19.30 +Add
1903-272' Long Bridge Tie Sections9$9.85$7.85 +Add
1902-10Bridge Tie Sections 10 ea. (short)7$14.25$11.40 +Add
3001The "UN-DEE" Pocket Brakeman (magnetic uncoupler)16$9.95$8.95 +Add