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HO Scale - Accu-Cals by SMP Industries

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H1-DF02bEMD GP-38-2 Boston & Maine Bicentennial Paint Scheme1$3.00$3.00 +Add
H4-B40aNew Haven 50' Double Door Boxcar - Socony Red Scheme2$3.00$3.00 +Add
H4-DF05aNew Haven Alco RS-1, 2, 3 - Orange and Green Scheme2$3.00$3.00 +Add
H4-DF05cNew Haven Alco RS-1, 2, 3 - Socony Red Scheme4$3.00$3.00 +Add
H4-SW06aNew Haven Switchers - Orange and Green Scheme3$3.00$3.00 +Add
H4-SW06cNew Haven Switchers - Socony Red Scheme4$3.00$3.00 +Add
5817HBoston & Maine Road Diesels, Cab Units and Switchers Early 60's to Present1$9.75$9.75 +Add
5819HNew Haven: Alco and FM Cab Units, GE Electrics4$9.75$9.75 +Add
5829HCanadian Pacific Diesels, Hood Units and Switchers4$9.75$9.75 +Add
5838HBN Switchers, Road Units, Cab Units - 1970 Through Present1$9.75$9.75 +Add