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HO Scale - Pikestuff

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541-110130 Panel Freight / Garage Door (2/Pkg)1$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1102Solid Entry Door (3/Pkg)1$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1103Window Top Entry Door (3/Pkg)1$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-11043-Pane Window Entry Door (3/Pkg)4$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1106Store Front (2/Pkg)4$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1107Freight Door 12 x 12 Scale Feet (2/Pkg)1$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1108Roll-Up Engine House Door (2/Pkg)3$3.50$2.50 +Add
541-1109Roll-Up Loading Door 9.5 x 12 Scale Feet (2/Pkg)3$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1110Two-Car Garage Door - 16 x 7 Scale Feet (2/Pkg)5$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1111Double Door (2/Pkg)2$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1112Fire Station Door, Open 12 x 12 Scale Feet (2/Pkg)1$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1113Roll-Up Freight Door (2/pkg)6$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-1114Staircase Handrails (2 sets/pkg)3$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-11152 Window and Center Door Combination (2/pkg)10$3.75$2.50 +Add
541-1116Downspouts for 5' Roof Overhang (4/pkg)6$3.00$2.00 +Add
541-1200Assorted Personnel Doors (9 pcs) 2$4.00$2.75 +Add
541-1201Assorted Windows (6 pcs)7$3.75$2.50 +Add
541-1202Assorted Freight Doors (6 pcs)2$6.00$4.50 +Add
541-1203Assorted Doors and Windows (Approximately 7 pcs)4$6.00$4.50 +Add
541-2100One Story Window6$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-2102Two-Story Window5$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-21048 Pane Window6$3.25$2.25 +Add
541-3000Machine Shop Doors & Windows1$3.75$2.50 +Add
541-3001Downspouts, gutters, chimney and meter2$3.75$2.50 +Add
541-3002Machine Shop Windows1$3.25$2.25 +Add