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HO Scale - Design Preservation Models

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30167One Story Wall Sections - Brick
w/ 20th Century Window (4/Pkg)
1$7.29$5.83 +Add
30171Street Level Wall Section - Brick
w/Single Steel Sash Entryway and Window (4/Pkg)
1$7.29$5.83 +Add
30172Dock Level Wall Sections - Brick
w/Single Steel Sash Window and Entryway (4/Pkg)
1$7.29$5.85 +Add
30173Dock Level Wall Sections - Brick
w/ Steel Sash Window (4/Pkg)
1$7.29$5.85 +Add
30174Two Story Wall Sections - Brick
w/Steel Sash Windows in Upper & Lower Stories (4/Pkg)
2$7.29$5.85 +Add
30175One Story Wall Sections - Brick
w/Steel Sash Window (4/Pkg)
1$7.29$5.85 +Add
30190Roof & Trim Kit2$6.29$5.00 +Add
30191Planning Packet (New Version of 30116)1$1.99$1.60 +Add
351003 in 1 Modular Kit (120 Pcs)4$36.99$29.60 +Add
352004 in 1 Modular Kit (175 Pcs)1$44.99$36.00 +Add
353004 in 1 Modular Kit (213 Pcs)1$52.99$42.40 +Add
36300Victorian Style Storefront Building1$52.99$42.30 +Add
40400Emery Lane (2 Complete House Kits)1$56.99$45.60 +Add
40500Coal River Passenger and Freight Depots1$64.99$52.00 +Add
40600Harlee & Sons Cycle Shop1$62.99$50.40 +Add
40700Popa Weelie'S Saloon and Dew Duck'n Cafe1$73.99$59.20 +Add